15th Field Artillery Regiment

  1st Battalion/
15th Field Artillery
  Camp Casey, Korea - Photos


Current Battalion Commander 3/07

LTC David M. Hamilton

Photos provided by LTC James L. Miller, Battalion Commander

Photographer: LT Kevin Montgomery, Alpha Battery XO

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The gun line in the motor pool. Red muzzle cover is best section in battalion, Charlie Battery 3d Section

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The Photographer for all these pictures and Alpha Battery Executive Officer Lt Kevin Montgomery... in the assembly area during winter thaw


Assembly area on the north bank of the Imjin River

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Chinook helicopter completing an aerial resupply of ammunition


Section live fire along the Hantan River in December 2002

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Live fire over a Korean village


View inside the M109A6 Paladin

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The annual GUNS BOWL with Lieutenants vs. Captains and above, Thanksgiving 2002


Winners of the 2002 GUNS BOWL - Captains and above

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Runners-Up in the 2002 GUNS BOWL - the Lieutenants


December in Korea

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Humping 155mm "Projos"


December live fire

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The chow line... served by a KATUSA Korean Soldier


Q36 counter battery radar

Alpha Battery ready to move out

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Alpha Battery ready to move out


The reaction force

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Section equipment laid out for inspection in the motor pool


Alpha Battery 2d Platoon in the motor pool

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Leaving the motor pool by the back gate. Left hand side of the picture is the old Story Barracks at Camp Casey and former home to the NCO Academy.


Alpha Battery basketball team at the Martin Luther King Day tournament

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Captain Gordon and the Alpha Battery Guideon completing the 25 mile Manchu Mile road march with the 9th Infantry Regiment


Saint Barbara's medals for 1-15 FA NCOs

2ID DivArty Colors

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2ID DivArty Colors and Guideons at St. Barbara's Day


Dining in, our Commo Leader and Bravo Battery FDO

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The missing man table at the dining in; to honor our missing in action


The real power in the battalion, the CSM and First Sergeants

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LT Dillard of Charlie Battery meeting with the ROK Army Officers of the 1-15 FA partnership battalion 659 FA


Alpha Battery moving through the Korean town of Maji-Ri at the base of Glouster Hill along the Imjin River

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Headed north into the former North Korea across the 38th Parallel... crossing the Imjin on a 2d Engineer built bridge


Meeting with a South Korean Artillery Unit along the banks of the Imjin

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Track maintenance in the field


Sunrise in the assembly area

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A ROK Army Communications trench somewhere in our area of operations


Thanksgiving missing man table

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Our Officers serving chow, Thanksgiving Day 2002


A great evening in Korea. Rainbow over the battalion area... some days Korea ain't all that bad. 



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