Membership in the 15th

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10 good reasons to become a member of the FIGHTING FIFTEENTH... 

One year's membership in the Fighting Fifteenth is
only $12.00 and provides:

  1. Newsletters: Three "Highlander" newsletters per year to help you keep up with what the Organization is doing.
  2. Website: The most in-depth artillery web site on the internet! Learn what you didn’t know when you were in Vietnam. View articles, photographs, or stories. Submit your material.
  3. History: To help document and preserve our Proud and Honorable History for future generations to learn from.
  4. Comradeship: Belonging to an organization of men who completely understand what “Your War” was all about.
  5. Benefits: 15th FA Vets have access to information they may need for filing claims, as well as health care updates and in-depth web links to a vast array of information.
  6. Reunions: Join your comrades! The reunions just keep getting better!!!
  7. Friends: A large group of men that will listen and try to help you through tough times when others might not.
  8. Praise: Receive the "WELCOME HOME" you missed back then.
  9. Understanding: A venue of information to help relate to your spouse and children what Vietnam Vets went through, creating an understanding of why some Vets have deep feelings that are hard to explain at times.
  10. Pride: Feeling Proud to have Served! …and getting recognized for it!

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A word from the 15th Group Leader:

Our 6th Reunion will take place in 2005, as an all-inclusive 15th Field Artillery reunion. We take great pleasure in inviting you to join the ranks of the 15th Organization. Attending our reunion is a great place to meet old friends! A membership fee of $12 per year is requested to provide monies needed to keep our informative web site on the Internet, publish the "Highlander" newsletter, and locate other 15th FA Vets. All donations go to running this “all volunteer” organization, no salaries are paid. 

Note: We are looking for individual unit leaders to provide and help keep personnel data for our organization. Please contact me in that regard: 

Dave (Davo) Holdorf
15th Group Leader
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