Military Discharges


Upgrading Discharges

Over 400,000 veterans who received "less than honorable" discharges between 1964 and 1973, may be eligible to have them upgraded to Honorable.  (This does not include Dishonorable or Bad Conduct discharges)

Postal applications:
Joint Liaison Office
Attn: Army Liaison Team
St. Louis MO  63132

Phone calls:
The Joint Liaison Office 1-800-325-4040
Alaska, Missouri, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico 1-314-428-3500

National Personnel Records Center - Military Personnel Records

Introduction to Spin Codes

Even on an Honorable discharge, a "Spin Code" (SPN - Separation Program Number) can hurt a veteran's chance of being hired by a prospective employer.  These spin codes were put on DD 214 (discharge papers) from the 1940's through the early 1970's. Veterans can request a new DD 214 with the spin codes removed.

Examples of a few spin codes:
SPN 258 - Unfitness, multiple reasons
SPN 263 - Bedwetter
SPN 41A - Apathy, lack of interest
SPN 41E - Obesity
SPN 46C - Apathy / Obesity
SPN 463 - Paranoid personality
(see longer list of spin codes below)

If you were in the US Army, written requests for having a SPN code removed from your DD 214 (Report of Separation From Active Duty) or earlier discharge papers, should be sent to:

Reserve Components Personnel
& Administrative Center
Box 12479
Ollivette Branch
St. Louis, MO 63132

List of Spin Codes

SPN Code


21L Enlisted Personnel - Separation for good & sufficient reason when determined by secretarial authority.
21T Enlisted Personnel - Release of REP 63 trainees due to emergency conditions. (Does not apply to active duty.)
21U Separation for failure to demonstrate adequate potential for promotion.
28B Unfitness, frequent involvement in incidents of a discreditable nature with civil or military authorities.
28G Unfitness, an established pattern for showing dishonorable failure to contribute adequate support to dependents or failure to comply with order, decrees, or judgment of a civil court concerning support of dependents

Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (WW2) Rescinded.

38B Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (peacetime desertion) Rescinded.
38C Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (Korean War). Rescinded

Apathy, lack of interest

41C To accept a teaching position.
41D Discharge of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment who completed 20 years active federal service, do not submit application for retirement: commander determines discharge will be in best interest of the government.
41E Obesity.

Unsuitability, apathy, defective attitudes & inability to extend effort constructively.

46B Sexual deviate.
46C Apathy/obesity.
51B Resignation - In lieu of elimination because of unfitness or unacceptable conduct.

Mandatory retirement - 35 years service/five years In grade. Regular army major general.

70B Mandatory retirement - age 62, regular army major general.
70C Mandatory retirement 60, regular Army mayor general whose retirement has been deferred.
70D Mandatory retirement - age 64, regular Army major general whose retirement has been deferred & each permanent professor and the registrar of the US Military Academy.
70E Mandatory retirement - 30 years service/five years in grade, regular army brigadier general.
70F Mandatory retirement 30 years of service/five years In grade, regular colonels.
70G Mandatory retirement - 28 years service. Regular Lt. Colonels.
70J Mandatory retirement - age 60, regular commissioned officer below major general.
70K Mandatory retirement - more than 30 years active service, professors US military Academy.
70L Mandatory retirement - 30 years of more active service, regular warrant officers.
70M Mandatory retirement - age 62 regular warrant officers
77C Mandatory retirement - temporary disability retirement in lieu of or as a result of elimination proceedings.
77E Mandatory retirement - surplus In grade after 30 years service. Removal from acting list (regular Army).
77J Voluntary retirement - placement on retired list at age 60.
77M Mandatory retirement - permanent retirement by reason by physical disability
77N Mandatory retirement - paced on temporary mandatory solemnity retired list
77P Voluntary retirement in lieu of or as a result of elimination board proceedings. Regular Army & reserve commissioned officers and Warrant officers.
77R Mandatory retirement - permanent disability retirement in lieu of or as a result or elimination proceedings.
77S Voluntary retirement a regular Army & reserve commissioned officers
77T Voluntary retirement - regular Army and reserve warrant officer.
77U Voluntary retirement - regular Army commissioned officers with 30 or more years of service.
77V Voluntary retirement - enlisted personnel, voluntarily retired as commissioned officer.
77W Voluntary retirement - enlisted personnel, voluntarily retired as a warrant officer.
77X Voluntary retirement a warrant officer voluntarily retired as a commissioned officer.
77Y Mandatory retirement - retirement a director of music, USMA, as the President may direct
77Z Mandatory retirement - regular Army commissioned officers with World War 1 service.
78A Mandatory retirement - formerly retired other than for disability who while on active duty incurred a disability of at least 30%.
78B Mandatory retirement a formerly retired for disability who where on active duty suffered aggravation of disability for which he was formerly retired.
79A Voluntary REFRAD - as USAR warrant officer (aviator) to accept USAR commission (aviator) with concurrent active duty.
79B Resignation - as RA a WO (aviator) to accept USAR commission (aviator) with concurrent active duty.
94B To enter US military Academy.


Enlisted Personnel - Expiration of term of service (includes personnel on ADT as initial trainees).

202 Expiration of term of enlistment.
203 Expiration of term of active obligation service.
205 Release from active & transferred to reserve.
209 Release from Active Duty within 3 months of expiration of USN service.
211 Unsanitary habits
212 Honorable wartime service subsequent to desertion.
213 Discharge for retirement as an officer.
214 To accept commission as an officer in the Army, or to accept recall to active duty as an Army Reserve officer
215 To accept appointment as warrant officer in the Army or to accept recall to active duty as Army Reserve warrant officer.
217 To accept commission or appointment in the Armed Forces of the United States (other than Army).
219 Erroneous induction.
220 Marriage, female only.
221 Pregnancy.
222 Parenthood
225 Minority.
226 Dependency.
227 Hardship.
229 Surviving family members.
230 Retirement after 20 years but less than 30 years active federal service.
231 Retirement after 30 years active federal service.
238 Service retirement in lieu of other administrative action.
240 Unconditional resignation of enlisted personnel serving on unspecified enlistment
241 Resignation of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment in lieu of resignation for misconduct or inefficiency.
242 Resignation of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment for the good of the service.
243 Resignation of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment in lieu of board of action when based on unfitness.
244 Resignation of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment in lieu of board action when based on unsuitability.
245 Resignation of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment in lieu of separation for disloyalty or subversion.
246 Discharge for the good of the service.
247 Unsuitability, multiple reasons.
248 Unsuitability.
258 Unfitness, multiple reasons.
251 Punitive discharge. Class I homosexual - general court martial.
252 Punitive discharge. Class I homosexual - general court martial.
253 Homosexual - board action.
255 Punitive discharge. Class II homosexual - general court martial.
256 Homosexual, acceptance of discharge in lieu of board action.
257 Unfitness, homosexual acts.
258 Unfitness, ineptitude.
260 Unsuitability, ineptitude.
261 Psychiatric or psychoneurotic disorder.
262 Behavioral disorder, bedwetter.
263 Bedwetter
264 Unsuitability, character and behavioral disorders
265 Unsuitability, character disorder
270 Placed on temporary disability retired list
271 Permanently retired by reason of physical disability
273 Physical disability with entitlement to receive severance pay.
274 Physical disability resulting from international misconduct or willful neglect or incurred during period of unauthorized absence. Not entitled to severance pay.
276 Released from EAD & revert to retired list prior to ETS.
277 Physical disability, EPTS, established by medical board. Discharged by reason of physical disability upon application by individual. Not entitled to severance pay.
278 Physical disability, EPTS, established by physical evaluation board proceedings. Not entitled to severance pay.
279 Release from EAD & revert to retired list at ETS.
280 Misconduct/fraudulent entry into the Army.
282 Misconduct/prolonged unauthorized absence for more than 1 year desertion.
283 Misconduct/AWOL trial waived or deemed inadvisable.
284 Misconduct/convicted or adjudged a juvenile offender by a civil court during current term of active military service.
285 Initially adjudged a juvenile offender by a civil court during current term of active military service. Rescinded.
287 Unclean habits, including repeated VD
289 Alcoholism
290 Desertion (court martial).
293 Other than desertion (general court martial).
294 Special court martial.
311 Alien without legal residence in the United States.
312 Separation of members of Reserve components on active duty who, due to age, would be precluded from attaining eligibility pay as provided by 10 USC 1331.1337.
313 To immediately enlist or reenlist.
314 Importance to national health, safety or interest
316 Release, lack of jurisdiction.
318 Conscientious objection.
319 Erroneous enlistment
320 To accept employment law enforcement agency.
333 Discharge of Cuban volunteers upon completion of specified training. Rescinded.
344 Release of Cuban volunteers upon completion of specified training. Rescinded.
367 Aggressive reaction.
369 Cyclothymic personality. (A mood disorder characterized by numerous hypomanic and depressive periods with symptoms like those of manic and major depressive episodes but of lesser severity).
370 Released from EAD by reason of physical disability & revert to inactive status for the purpose of retirement under Title 10. USC Sections 1331 - 1337, in lieu of discharge with entitlement to receive severance pay.
375 Discharge because of not meeting medical fitness standards at time of enlistment.
376 Release from military Control (void Inductions) because of not meeting medical fitness standards at time of induction.
377 Non - fulfillment of enlistment commitment.
380 Desertion/trial barred by 10 USC Section 834 (Art 34 UCMJ). Rescinded.
381 Desertion/trial deemed inadvisable (Spanish - American War/ WWII>. Rescinded.
383 Criminalism.
384 Drug abuse
385 Pathological liars
386 Established pattern of shirking
411 Early separation of overseas returnee.
412 Enlisted members of medical holding detachments or units who, upon completion of hospitalization, do not intend to immediately enlist or reenlistment in the regular Army.
413 To enter or return to college, university, or equivalent institution.
414 To accept or return to employment of a seasonal nature.
415 Early release of inductees who have served on active duty prior their present tour of duty.
416 Physical disqualification for duty in MOS.
418 Discharge of enlisted personnel bn unspecified enlistment who complete 30 years active federal service & do not submit application for retirement.
419 Discharge of enlisted personnel on unspecified enlistment over 55 years of rage who have completed 20 years active federal service & do not submit application for retirement.
420 Discharge or release of individuals with less than 3 months remaining to serve who fail to continue as students (academic failure) at service academies.
421 Early release at Christmas will be issued as appropriate by Army & has been Included in separation edit table. Rescinded.
422 Early release at original ETS of enlisted personnel who have executed a voluntary extension. Rescinded.
423 Early release after original ETS of personnel serving on voluntary extension. Rescinded.
424 Separation at ETS after completing a period of voluntary extension. Rescinded.
425 Discharge (Inductees) to enlist ar Warrant Officer Flight Training.
426 Discharge (inductees) to enlist to attend critical MOS school.
427 Discharge (inductees) to enlist for Officer Candidate School.
428 Discharge for failure to complete Officer Candidate School.
429 Discharged because of not meeting medical fitness standards for Flight training.
430 Early separation of personnel denied reenlistment under Qualitative Management Program.
431 Reduction in authorized strength.
432 Early release to serve 1 year in an ARNG or USAR unit.
433 Involuntary release of personnel on compassionate assignment.
434 Early release of AUS & first team RA Personnel - phase down release programs (Early - out from Vietnam.)
436 Reduction In strength a USASA option/First Team.
437 AUS, RA First Team, exempted from 90 day suspension of Early Release Program for reasons for intolerable personal problems.
440 Separation for concealment of serious arrest record.
460 Emotional instability reaction.
461 Inadequate personality.
462 Mental deficiency
463 Paranoid personality.
464 Schizoid personality.
469 Unsuitability.
480 Personality disorder.
482 Desertion/trial barred by 10, USC, Sec. 843 (Art 43 UCMJ) Rescinded.
488 Unsuitability (general discharge separation).
489 Military Personnel Security Program (disloyal or subversive).
500 Resignation - hardship.
501 Resignation - national health, safety, or interest.
502 Resignation - completion of required service.
503 Resignation - enlistment in the regular Army - regular officer.
504 Resignation - withdrawal of ecclesiastical endorsement.
505 Resignation - serving under a suspended sentence or dismissal.
508 Resignation - to attend school.
510 Resignation - Interest of national security (in lieu of elimination).
522 Resignation in lieu of elimination because of conduct triable by court martial or in lieu thereof.
524 Resignation - unqualified other miscellaneous reasons
528 Resignation - marriage.
529 Resignation - pregnancy.
530 Resignation - parenthood (minor children).
536 Voluntary discharge substandard performance of duty.
539 Voluntary discharge - termination of RA or AUS warrant to retire commissioned status.
545 Voluntary discharge - failure of selection for permanent promotion (commissioned officers).
546 Involuntary discharge a failure of selection for permanent promotion (warrant officer).
550 Involuntary discharge - reasons as specified by HDQA
551 Involuntary discharge - administrative discharge GCM
554 Dismissal - General court martial.
555 Involuntary discharge - failure to complete basic, Company officer ar associate company officer course - USAR officers.
556 Failure to complete basic, company officer or associate company officer course - ARNGUS officers.
558 Voluntary discharge - conscientious objection.
586 Involuntary discharge - for reasons involving board action or in lieu thereof (homosexuality).
588 Involuntary discharge - reasons involving board action, or in lieu thereof - unfitness or unacceptable conduct.
589 Voluntary discharge - reasons involving board action or in lieu thereof, due to substandard performance of duty.
590 Involuntary discharge - interest of national security.
595 Involuntary discharge pregnancy.
596 Involuntary discharge - parenthood (minor children).
597 Voluntary discharge - administrative
599 Voluntary REFRAD - lack of jurisdiction.
600 Voluntary REFRAD - to enlist an regular Army.
601 Voluntary REFRAD - to enlist in regular Army for purpose of retirement
602 Voluntary REFRAD - national health, safety, or interest
603 Involuntary REFRAD - due to disapproval of request for extension of service.
604 Voluntary REFRAD - hardship.
606 Voluntary REFRAD - dual status officer to revert to regular Warrant Officer
609 Voluntary REFRAD - to attend school or accept a teaching position.
610 Voluntary REFRAD - marriage.
611 Voluntary REFRAD - expiration of the duty commitment voluntarily serving on active duty.
612 Voluntary REFRAD - expiration active duty commitment involuntary serving on active duty.
616 Voluntary REFRAD - selection for entrance to a service academy.
618 Voluntary REFRAD - In lieu of serving in lower grade than reserve grade.
619 Voluntary REFRAD - by request includes MC & DC officers.
620 Voluntary REFRAD - interde part mental transfer of other than medical officers.
621 Voluntary REFRAD - in lieu of unqualified resignation.
623 Voluntary REFRAD - interdepartmental transfer of medical officers
624 Voluntary REFRAD - release from ADT to enter on 24 months active duty.
625 Voluntary REFRAD - annual screening, voluntary release prior to 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification.
627 Involuntary REFRAD - maximum age.
631 Involuntary REFRAD - failure of selector for permanent reserve promotion (discharged).
632 Involuntary REFRAD - failure of selection for permanent reserve promotion (commission retained).
633 Involuntary REFRAD - failures of selection for promotion, temporary.
640 Involuntary REFRAD - commissioned officer under sentence of dismissal & warrant officer discharge awaiting appellate review.
644 Voluntary & Involuntary REFRAD - convenience of government or as specified by Secretary of the Army.
645 Involuntary REFRAD - annual screening, release on 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification.
646 Involuntary REFRAD - maximum service, warrant officers.
647 Involuntary REFRAD - maximum service, commissioned officers.
648 Involuntary REFRAD - completion of prescribed years of service.
649 Involuntary REFRAD - withdrawal of ecclesiastical endorsement.
650 Involuntary REFRAD - physically disqualified upon order to active duty.
651 Involuntary REFRAD - release of reserve unit & return to reserve status.
652 Involuntary REFRAD a release of unit of NG or NG(US) & return to state control.
655 Involuntary REFRAD - revert to retired list, not by reason of physical disability
657 Involuntary REFRAD - physical disability. Revert to inactive status for purpose of retirement under Chapter 67. 10 USC in lieu of discharge with entitlement to receive disability severance pay.
660 Physical disability discharge - entitlement to severance pay.
661 Physical disability discharge - disability resulting from intentional misconduct or willful neglect or incurred during a period of unauthorized absence. Not entitled to receive disability severance pay.
662 Physical disability discharge - EPTS, established by physical evaluation board. Not entitled to disability severance pay.
668 Dropped from rolls - AWOL conviction & confinement by civil authorities.
669 Dropped from rolls - AWOL desertion.
672 Involuntary REFRAD - medical service personnel who receive unfavorable background investigation and/or National Agency Check.
681 Voluntary REFRAD - to accept employment with a legally established law enforcement agency.
685 Resignation - failure to meet medical fitness standards at time of appointment
686 Involuntary discharge - failure to resign under Chapter 16 - AR 535 - 120. when determined to be in the best interest of the government and the individual
689 Voluntary REFRAD - reduction in strength, voluntary release prior to 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification
690 Involuntary REFRAD - reduction in strength. release on 90th day subsequent to receipt of notification.
701 Enlisted separation - early release of personnel assigned to installations or units scheduled for inactivation, permanent change of station, or demobilization.
741 Mandatory retirement - failure of selection for promotion, established retirement date, commissioned officer.
742 Mandatory retirement - failure of selection for promotion, established retirement date, warrant officer.
743 Enlisted separation - early release of personnel from release of unit of the ARNG or the ARNGUS from active federal service & return to state control.
744 Mandatory retirement - failure of selection for promotion, early retirement date, commissioned officer
745 Mandatory retirement - failure of selection for promotion. early retirement date, warrant officers.
747 Mandatory retirement - failure of selection for promotion, retained for retirement, commissioned officers.
748 Mandatory retirement - failure of selection for promotion, retained for retirement, warrant officer.
749 Enlisted separation - early release of Puerto Rican personnel who will to qualify for training.
753 Enlisted separation - early release of reserve personnel upon release of reserve units.
764 Enlisted separation - release of REP 63 trainees upon completion of MOS training.
771 Mandatory retirement - commissioned officers, unfitness or substandard performance of duty.
772 Mandatory retirement - warrant officers, unfitness or sub - standard performance of duty.
941 Dropped from rolls (as deserter).
942 Dropped from rolls (as military prisoner).
943 Dropped From rolls (as missing or captured).
944 Battle casualty.
945 Death (non - battle - resulting from disease).
946 Death (non - battle - resulting From other than disease).
947 (Current term of service voided as fraudulent enlisted, while AWOL from prior service.
949 To enter any area of the service academies (other than USMA).
971 Erroneously reported as returned from dropped from rolls as a deserter (previously reports under transaction GA).
972 Erroneously reported as restored to duty from dropped from rolls of military prisoner previously reported under transaction code GB).
973 Erroneously reported as returned from dropped from rolls or missing or captured (previously reported under transaction code GC).
976 Minority. Void enlistment or induction - enlisted personnel.


Spin Codes - Legal Action
By: Edwin Crosby

The author of this story, Edwin Crosby, served in the USAF from 1966-1971.  He volunteered to go to Vietnam, and served in MACVSOG, 15th Special Operations Squadron,  Nha Trang, AB,  RVN  from November 1968 to June 1970.
His lawsuit began in March of 1976, having discovered in February of 1976, he had a BAD 'Spin Code' number.  The case was originally filed in the US District Court, Northern District of New York, Syracuse.  He has been fighting this case on behalf of all veterans and has been instrumental in having D.O.D.  change the DD-214 many times to prevent future damage to other veterans.

Beginning JUNE 11, 1956, under D.O.D. Instruction 1336.3,  DOD ordered the military departments to begin putting a coded number on the main employment reference document of veterans. This document known as the DD-214 is intended to be presented to employers by veterans seeking employment and benefits.

According to Plaintiff's Exhibit NO: 6, D.O.D. Instruction 1336.1, dated September 1, 1966, SUBJECT - Standardization of Forms for Report of Transfer or Discharge of Members of the Armed Forces of the U.S., there were to be 8 or more copies of DD-214 made.  Copy one to the veteran, other copies eventually went to State Adjutant General, VA Data Processing Center, Austin, TX.,  State Director Selective Service, Nat. Military Records Center, St. Louis, Mo.

As of 1977, nearly 20 million veterans had a coded number. This is SHOCKING as in 1974  D.O.D. told Congress that only a couple hundred thousand had a code number.  Moreover, in 1974  DOD told Congress they would stop the " SPN "  coding system, however, in 1972, they were already changing the system to " SPD "  ( separation program designator ).  They deceived Congress and the American People.  Millions of veterans with an Honorable Discharge have a " BAD "  coded number.

Plaintiff's Exhibit NO: 19  is the " infamous corporation questionnaire ". These are major corporations admitting to having the codes and using them against veterans.  I am the only one to have this due to litigation, as it is locked up in Congress under a " Classified "  coding.  Banks, life insurance companies, State Gov't & Federal Gov't Agencies have them as well.  Lists of the codes were sent to FAA, ( federal aviation admin. )  HUD, ( housing & urban development )  Office Personnel Management.

One corporation admitted that the VA has told us this is not confidential and they will send us a copy.  Amazing!

There are Congressional Records available to read on this matter. As Congress attempted once to pass a law regarding the use of the coded numbers, however, this failed to pass.

Have you ever gone to a VA Hospital and had the doctor attempt to send you to the psychologist or psychiatrist ??  Your coded SPN was probably the reason why, and you did not even know, moreover, there could be nothing in your military records saying you had seen a psychologist, but, that did not stop them.  One of the most given out codes was SPN-265 or SDN-265, which says,  unsuitability, character & behavior disorders.

There were 5 main categories;  unsuitability,  unfitness,  misconduct, homosexual, or, any reason based upon mental or moral issues.  Then under each category, they piled on a bunch of numbers and meanings.  i.e.  SPN-384,  Drug Abuse, Marijuana or Heroin.  And get this, those veterans who signed up for  " DRUG AMNESTY "  you got a code number, SPN-384,   YOU GOT NO AMNESTY !!!  You got screwed.

Here are some things I have discovered over the years:  (1)  the State of N.Y. denied me the right to take a Civil Service Test because the State Employee punched my SSN into a computer and pulled up my military records  ( they are not supposed to have them )  then said there is your code, sorry, NO TEST.  It was the very same code number the Gov't said in Court would never surface again, they corrected the records, RIGHT, they did nothing.   (2)   VA'S  Board of Veterans Appeals sent a 500 page transcript regarding my 19 year old claim for disability over to the U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals, on page 63, there was the same DD-214  the Gov't said would never surface again,  RIGHT, they did nothing.  Have you had trouble getting benefits with VA ?  Try this on for size,  someone else has your claim number, a phony or ghost, and they get your money !   (3)  VA employee tells me someone else has same number as you, that's impossible, or,  is it ??   (4)  a U.S. Senators aid here in Montana tells me this doesn't exist, it is a rumor,  yep, sure, then I say, I am the one who took lawsuit to US Supreme Court, well now, all of a sudden its no longer a rumor, and does exist.

I have lived in Upstate NY,  Missouri for 8 months,  Illinois for 16 months, and now Montana 9 months.  Everywhere I go, I speak to veterans, or, meet with them to tell them what is going on.  On Sept. 29, 2001,  I attended a " Veterans Standdown "  here in Billings.  I set up a table, and 7 vets came by with their DD-214 ( others did, but did not have DD-214 with them ).   Vet NO: 7 had a code I never saw before, advised him to write to service branch he was in and ask, the other 6 veterans had an HONORABLE DISCHARGE,  and  ALL had a rotten coded number.  What was alarming was all 6 said there was nothing in their military records to indicate they should have had that code.  They were stabbed in the back.

In 1984, I submitted a PROPOSAL to the VA under PUBLIC LAW  98-160, National Needs Assessment of Vietnam Veterans.  I had the support of the National Council of Churches, and the N.Y. State Council of Churches.  I won that GRANT !  My Grant called for " CHAPLAINS "  not psychologists who are lying to veterans about this PTSD stuff, when the coded SPN, SDN, or SPD code is responsible for many, many problems.  The White House took it away.  The Church folks got on a plane and lit out for Washington. Some deal was struck, think it was Veterans Outreach Centers, whatever.

You must find out what your coded number is, remember, if you were discharged before 1974, you automatically have one, after 1974, it went on the other 8 or more copies of DD-214, and your still dead meat.

What angers me most is the American Legion & V.F.W.   They remain silent on this matter.  I was a service officer for Am. Leg. in N.Y.  I actually got fired for helping veterans and widows win their benefits.  I file a claim, and they had to reinstate me.  I resigned 2 months later, having been cut off from those items I need to help veterans with.

Here is my email address;    if you have any questions, want to see copies of these documents, give me a FAX number, will send them to you, with your promise to show them to other veterans, or help a vet with one of these codes.

Currently,  I am reopening this lawsuit here in Billings, Mt.  The Judge should make some sort of Decision by the end of April, at least I hope he does.  The smoking gun is there, however, the corruption within our Justice System is outrageous.  I sent a criminal complaint to the FOREMAN of the Federal Grand Jury here on March 1st, 2002.  The US Attorney intercepted it.  Charges,  GENOCIDE & WAR CRIMES,  both under TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 50A, SECTION 1091,  and,  TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 118, SECTION 2441.   Those of us who have these codes fall directly under the wording of these 2 sections of law.  We are being systematically eliminated because thieves want to rip off the VA for billions of dollars.  Well, screw them.

For those veterans who do not like to be stabbed in the back, and you are looking for a way to fight back,  there is the BOARD FOR CORRECTION OF MILITARY RECORDS.  It requires one piece of paper, a Gov't Form, and a very good statement of case.  That is to say,  on my DD-214 is a coded number, there is nothing in my records saying I did what the code says, you have blacklisted me, stabbed me in the back, character assassinated my good family name.  Under TITLE 10, Section 1552,  you are entitled to be paid for an " injustice ".   That is what you are claiming.  I would look on an internet library such as Cornell Univ. and make copy of that law:

Do not be afraid to get some help, however, be careful as any vet rep may try to talk you out of it.  You have been stabbed in the back,  make sure you get some Justice.

Edwin Crosby III


 UPDATE - November 2, 2002 

By Edwin Crosby  III

As of this date,  November 2, 2002,  Mr. Crosby has file the last BRIEF/REBUTTAL with the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Mr. Crosby is trying to reopen the SPN, SDN, SPD coded number lawsuit he took to the U.S. Supreme Court.   A U.S. Federal Judge in Billings, Mt. denied his request to vacate or set aside the original Decision based on SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY.  This is incorrect under 28 U.S.C. 1331.

       Moreover,  the U.S.A.F. and the Gov't lawyers now claim they DID NOT have to obey the two (2) U.S. Federal Court Orders issued to them as the Judge did not list each and every DD-214 the Government generated,  nor,  list each and every electronic data bank  ( computers )   this coded number was sent to, including State & Federal Government Agencies.   Is that lame or what ??!!!!    Twice Federal Judges said to correct ALL the RECORDS,  now they use a lame excuse like that.  Hopefully, other Judges will not buy that theory.

       Should the 9th Circuit Court refuse to do anything about this sordid matter of branding human beings with coded numbers for the purpose of systematic elimination,  veteran Crosby is going to Canada and request political asylum based on GENOCIDE.   Currently under  U.S. law,  TITLE 18, Part 1, Chapter 50A, Section 1091, GENOCIDE,  veteran Crosby and any other veteran in the Untied States with one of these coded numbers falls under this law as a victim.  Moreover,  Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 118, Section 2441,  WAR CRIMES,  veteran Crosby and any other veteran with one of these codes also falls under this section of law as a victim.

       Once the international community sees the proof of this branding of human beings with numbers in America,  only one thought will be forthcoming,  this is what happened in Nazi Germany,  now its going on in America.   Who is responsible for this Holocaust 2,  look no further than the Justice System, controlled by a secret society, the BAR ASSOCIATION and its members, LAWYERS.   The framers of the U.S. Constitution left the word lawyer out of the Constitution and for good reason.  NOW we see that reason, decades of systematic elimination by a corrupt justice system.

       It is shameful that State Veteran Agencies have not told veterans about this coded number,  even more shameful is the theft of monies from the Veterans Administration via the use of the coded number.  Brother veterans,  thieves are criminals,  and have NO HONOR.  If more of you sought legal redress for this outrageous conduct towards Americas Veterans,  something wonderful would happen.  Liberty & Justice For All would become reality.  Pledging allegiance to the flag ends with the words,  with Liberty & Justice For All,  and many have died upon the battlefield for just that.  Will you Honor those who died by telling other veterans about this sordid matter?   Will you write a letter to these so called veterans service organizations and ask them why they keep their mouths shut on this matter ??

       Legally,  this is the last opportunity before the world knows about this.  Sites like this one have given you an opportunity to learn about what has been done to you and other veterans, and thankfully, there are sites like this one.      

Edwin Crosby  III 

UPDATE  -  OCTOBER 17,  2006

          Ed Crosby file a complaint with the V.A. Inspector General regarding a matter about FROSTBITE.  The V.A. Inspector General investigated this phony claim and said,  "...the erroneous claim for frostbite was removed from Mr. Crosby's file as he did not open such a claim ".   VA Regional Office Manager at Ft. Harrison, Mt. , filed this FALSE CLAIM by forging Mr. Crosby's signature upon official Gov't documents designed to CHARACTER ASSASSINATE a litigant.  Moreover,  it was also discovered that the MAIN PIECE OF EVIDENCE in the lawsuit,  a legal transcript submitted to any Federal Court Clerk,  had been removed from the Official File and destroyed.  THEREFORE,  with the evidence destroyed,  the Courts had no choice but to say,  no subject matter jurisdiction.  Criminal complaints have been filed with FBI,  nothing done to date.   Lastly,  someone in the US Attorneys Office in BILLINGS, Mt.  called Ft. Harrison Regional Office and told them to destroy the transcript and open a phony claim to discredit Mr. Crosby.   V.A.  moved one William Peterson,  Regional Office Manager, Ft. Harrison, Mt.  to a Regional Office in Kentucky.  Can you believe it,  he was not arrested !!!!   We have the evidence,  where is our Judicial System ?????     

 Edwin H. Crosby  III                 THANK YOU. 



          Board For Correction of Military Records.  Each branch of the military has one of Boards as directed by Congress.  TITLE 10  U.S.C.  Sec. 1552.   Here a veteran is to receive some justice for errors in their records, falsehoods, correct an injustice, and pay for said injustice.  Recently four (4) questions were sent to nearly 20 Members of Congress asking if they would send said questions over to each of the military BOARDS and get answers.  For months we received nothing,  then Senator Lugar of Indiana produced answers to those questions.   For you readers we are posting up here both the 4 questions, and the answers to those questions.  Moreover,  there is a REPORT entitled,  “ Military Record Correction Boards and Their Judicial Review “  done for the State Bar of TEXAS, and dated JUNE 11, 2010.  A Raymond J. Toney of Woodland, Calif., was asked to submit said Report.

           This LINK will take you to that REPORT;       Scroll down and read “ L “.  Quoting;  the Navy, Army, and Coast Guard do not require their board members to review applications and supporting evidence before deciding applications;   END QUOTE.   You send in your claim, and right to the DENIED PILE IT GOES,  NO DUE PROCESS !!!  Since 1985 there has been a lawsuit,  CASEY  v.  U.S. 8 Fed. Cl.Ct. 234  that says if a veteran has a STIGMA DISCHARGE  (  a BAD SPN, SDN, or SPD CODE )  he/she was entitled to a Due Process Hearing.  If you did not get one, and the regulations said you would NOT, then they had to tell you about the BAD code,  fix it,  and pay you.  Guess what,  who got paid ?   NOBODY !  Who got some Justice, NOBODY !   Who failed to follow LEGAL PRECEDENT,  the BCMR’s did NOT follow res judicata, i.e. legal precedent.  Are you a veteran who filed a claim between 1986 and 2010 and were DENIED and you knew you had a good claim ??   You need to RE-FILE and demand JUSTICE.   This time, send it directly to the Secretary of the branch of the military you were in,  NOT THE BOARDS.

           Below,  are the 4 questions, and the 4 answers.  You should get what this is all about,  missing money, failure to pay veterans stabbed in the back, and NO DUE PROCESS OF LAW.   You might call the Federal Court of Claims and ask them why a Judges Decision is ignored and mocked by military BCMR’S.   

Edwin H. Crosby III






           How many cases have come before your ARMY BCMR since 1986 in which a veteran had a “ false & stigmatizing coded number “, known as a SPN, SDN, SPD code, and said veteran was advised by LEGAL PRECEDENT,  CASEY  v.  U.S. 8 Fed Cl.Ct. (1985)  that he or she was entitled to a “ DUE PROCESS OF LAW HEARING UPON DISCHARGE “.



           Upon determining the veteran was given a false & stigmatizing coded number,  how was the veteran “ redressed or compensated “ for the injustice, which is a requirement of the law governing BCMR’S  i.e.  Give examples of how payment was forthcoming.



           When a BCMR discovers that SPOLIATION has taken place, and a party who destroys a document with knowledge that it is RELEVANT to litigation is likely to have been threatened by the document, and that party is one of the military branches, how does SPOLIATION effect a veterans claim.   Do lawyers in the litigation office notify Justice Department Officials of the crime committed ?



           Once a BCMR has determined a veteran has a STIGMA discharge, and the BCMR’S must CORRECT the INJUSTICE, what guidelines are you following to locate ALL places the coded reason for discharge has been disseminated to.  Please provide copy of those guidelines.




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