"Radio First Termer" 
Outlaw DJ Dave Rabbit
 Frequency '69' 

December 2003 - 
30 years after the Vietnam War ended, this freelance DJ still captures the imagination of many GI's. Partly because he never got caught broadcasting to the GI's in South Vietnam over his bootleg radio frequency. Mostly because of his "in your face" broadcasting style that really angered Officers, who Dave commonly referred to as Lifers and maggots. The icing on the cake was his profanity and free-wheeling promotion of sex and drugs. 

Dave Rabbit's true identity is certainly a better kept secret that anything from the Nixonian White House. We now know too much about Nixon, but very little about Rabbit and his 1971 radio sidekicks Pete Sadler and Ngyuen. It appears DJ Dave had military links to the US Air Force, as many of his on-air references are Air Force related. Some writers speculate that he stayed in Vietnam following a regular tour of duty to produce "Radio First Termer." Now that's Friggin dedication! 

Dave's anti-establishment rhetoric was bolstered by acid-rock music of the 60's and intermingled with stunts, skits and fake radio announcements. Regular features included; The Weather Report with Captain Ivan Pansy, Sayings from the Latrine Walls, Swap Shop of the Air, and The Latest News. Most of his broadcasts were considered 'raunchy' back then, but that was before the internet connected to Main Street USA. Today he could easily be a late night cable TV host with very little censorship... back then he was a Ballsy radio pioneer. 

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