Wisconsin Mini - Reunion

October 7, 2000
Kenosha Military Museum

by: Dave "Davo" Holdorf

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- Near the end of August 2000, John "Jack" Boggs Jr., HQ 69 BN. XO., and a buddy took a tour through an outdoor military museum. To Jack’s surprise, he spotted an M-110 8" Howitzer with the markings 1FFV-7F15 C8 PFC HUBER.

Jim Huber showing us Candy II

Jim Huber on "Candy II"

No, it’s not our original gun, but Jack learned that James C. Huber, C-Btry. 1st Gun Sect. "Candy II" worked at the museum as a volunteer! Jim has the gun marked as it was when he drove it in Vietnam 11/68-2/70. That original gun was pictured on the back page of March 2000 "The Highlander" newsletter.

After receiving Jack’s letter informing me of Jim and the museum, I sent info and a photo to the museum. Jim replied, and after a couple weeks of planning, …… "Mini-Reunion 2000!"

About 15 Vets and guests attended the Saturday morning event. Arriving around 10:00am, guests spent some time meeting each other and viewing the inside portion of the museum. The inside area contains various memorabilia, displays, and some gifts.

It was a clear fresh day, sunny with a little wind to put a "nip" in the air. But that didn’t stop us "Redlegs" from having a great time. Some went for a ride in an APC, while others took photos and watched Jim and the museum’s curator’s 15 year old son prepare the gun for starting. What a great playground for this young lad, as he can drive all the vehicles that run, very well.

Davo in front of CANDY II

Davo in front of "Candy II"

After several attempts, a cloud of smoke and the "Candy II" started… it purred like a kitten. Just the odor of diesel fuel brought back memories. Warmed up, the M110 was ready for a drive. We all climbed aboard and went for a drive on the grounds. What a "Blast from the Past!" …it had been 31 years since most of us were on an 8" howitzer.

Mike Donley operating the M110

Mike Donley operating the
8" M110 Howitzer

Everything on the gun works, and Jim will be looking for a better tube for the 8" in the future. The gun came from the Saudi Arabia area, and was de-militarized before being shipped back to the states. All it needs to complete it with original equipment is a breach block and tube. This will be fabricated to look like the real product. A large steel tube is being used presently to represent the original. Mike Donley showed everyone how the hydraulics worked, and Chuck Gall from the 92nd FA Assoc. took the gun for a test drive.

Riding on top of the M110 Howitzer, just like the old days!

Riding on top of the gun, just like
the old convoys on QL19!

After the tour, several of us went to the "Brat-Stop" restaurant for lunch. We viewed some photos and other items from the past that Davo brought along. We exchanged stories, took photos, and ended our day with good-byes.

Mike, Davo and Jim reflecting on their days in Vietnam

Mike Donley - Dave Holdorf - Jim Huber
sharing stories over lunch

Another one of Davo's favorite
stops in that area is the
DMZ Bunker Bar

Thanks to host Jim Huber for a great and entertaining day!

The Kenosha Military museum is located near the Illinois/Wisconsin border, at 11114 120th Ave., Pleasant Prairie, WI  53158
Phone: 1-262-857-3418 or 1-262-857-7933.
You can see the museum on the west side of Hwy. I-94. Exit # 347 at Hwy. 165, go west a short distance to 120th Ave., go left - south about a half mile and the museum is on your right. Adults: $5.00  Closed on inclement days.

In addition to many Vietnam era guns and tanks, they have an M-548, 10-ton lowboy, choppers, bridge tank, a few dune buggy style Army vehicles, and others. Many of the vehicles are rented for movies, and by reserve units for practice.

It’s a great place to met old friends….and who knows, if you hit the place on a day Jim is there, you may get a ride on an 8" Howitzer!


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