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November 2008 - Davo has finally released the newsletter to publication. It is now available here.  This is your Newsletter guys. It does need some input from you to make it grow. 

October 8, 2004 - News of a good kind.  1st Sergeant (Ret) Thomas J. Vernor,  served the United States armed services in three wars, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He was honored by President George W. Bush and Laura Bush at a breakfast in honor of WWII vets on Memorial Day weekend '04 at the White house. Picture can be found here.

September 3
, 2004 - Another slide show has been added for the 6th/15th Vietnam

August 28, 2004 - Due to the efforts of Dan Gillotti, a new page in the history of the 7th/15th has been uncovered. The very first issue of ALLONS! the Battalion Newsletter can be found on the articles page. Or click on the blue hyperlink.
Note to all:
If you know about more of these newsletters, please notify the Webmaster with that information. We currently only have five issues. Thanks

August 15, 2004 - A new slide show has been added for the 6th/15th Vietnam

May 9, 2004 - A new photo page has been added for the 6/15th Vietnam

May 3, 2004 - The May 2004 issue of the Highlander Newsletter is now online

April 7, 2004 - Two more Iraq artillerymen (1/82) added to the Remembrance webpage

March 22, 2004 - New photos posted to the Korean War photo page

March 7, 2004 - POW-MIA webpage posted 

March 2, 2004 - New photo page added for the 6th Bn, 15th FA Vietnam

March 1, 2004 - New web page posted with Korean War photos

February 24, 2004 - Six new maps of Vietnam added to the Map Room web page 

February 13, 2004 - LTC James Bluhm's photos posted of the 7/15th firing the 100,000th round in Gallery 4

February 12, 2004 - New web page added for the Post-WW2 15th Field Artillery thanks to ongoing historical work by Dan Gillotti

January 7, 2004 - New story added to the Veterans Voices web page 

December 12, 2003 - Who remembers the outlaw radio show from the Vietnam War?  'Radio First Termer' by DJ Dave Rabbit 

December 7, 2003 - Work has begun on a web page listing former and present Battalion level Commanders of the 15th Field Artillery. If you have information to add to this page, please contact 15th Historian Dan Gillotti and/or the 15th webmaster [contact info]. 

November 23, 2003 - New photos added to the 6/15th Vietnam War photo webpage.

November 23, 2003 - More photos from Reunion 2003 at Fort Bragg (off site webpage)

November 22, 2003 - New items added to the 15th PX

November 17, 2003 - The HIGHLANDER newsletter is now Online! 

November 11, 2003 - Two "ALLONS" reprints have been posted to the Articles webpage. The 5 September 1967 battalion newsletter clearly states which battery of the 7/15th fired the first round in Vietnam. 

November 7, 2003 - SGT Darrell G. Bittner added the the 6/15th Scroll of Honor

November 3, 2003 - More artillerymen added to our Remembrance webpage.

October 20, 2003 - Two new items added to the 15th PX.

October 11, 2003 - New VC propaganda leaflet added to the Propaganda webpage.

October 8, 2003 - New photos and information added to the 1LT Kalsu webpage.

October 3, 2003 - Something new, something old... Gary D. Harrington's Story of Reunion 1995 is now posted on the 15th web site. 

September 29, 2003 - Duane Geisen's Vietnam Diary has been posted and Duane would like everyone to participate by filling-in the blank areas.  OK B Battery, Let's Go! 

September 22, 2003 - Highlights of Reunion 2003 are now posted!

September 20, 2003 - Links to common ear problems faced by artillerymen are listed on the new Artillery Ears webpage. 

August 29, 2003 - The Scroll of Honor for the 6th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery has been updated.

August 11, 2003 - By popular request, the 15th Guestbook is back!

August 7, 2003 - List of artillerymen killed in the Iraq War added to the Remembrance webpage.

July 8, 2003 - New photo page of our 'First to Fire' Battalion in Korea.  1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery near Camp Casey in 2002.

July 2, 2003 - NEW 7/15th FA “MEANS of CONTACT”

15th Vets -- With the 15th Guestbook no longer in operation, the 15th Association will be using the following means of contact: 

E-MAIL:  For e-mails you want to send to ALL of our Vets who have email, just send an e-mail to “Davo” Holdorf at hidavo@earthlink.net and it will be forwarded to all those in his 7/15th FA e-mail Address Book. (For the list of e-mail addresses Davo keeps, e-mail him for the list) 

WEBSITE:  To post a message on the ANNOUNCEMENTS webpage, send an e-mail to hidavo@earthlink.net marked "For the Announcements Page.”  (Please keep the message association-related)

June 7, 2003 - War statistics added to the Korean War timeline and the Vietnam War timeline web pages.

June 5, 2003 - Web page added with history of the 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery collected by 15th Historian Dan Gillotti. 

May 27, 2003 - Web page added for the "First to Fire" Battalion, the 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery stationed at Camp Casey, Korea. Allons! 

May 18, 2003 - Web page added remembering 7/15th OH-58 Crew Chief Tom Hazzard.  Includes a story written by Spencer Hazzard about the 2003 "IN MEMORY" ceremony at The Wall in Washington, DC.

May 5, 2003 - Photos of the 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery in northern Iraq supporting the 173d Airborne Brigade. Allons!  2-15FA 

April 2003 - New photo gallery by Frank Baker added at Photo Gallery 3. Frank's gallery includes photos of the An Lao Valley and 'A' Battery, 7th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery at LZ Pony.

March 2003 - 15th Field Artillery bumper sticker added to the PX page. Two new stories added to the Veterans Voices page.

March 2003 - Membership page added outlining the benefits of joining the 15th Field Artillery Association, complete with a printable fill-in Membership Application.

March 2003 - Submissions page added with guidelines for submitting photos, articles and personal accounts to the 15th web site.

January 2003 - New photo pages added at Photo Galleries. New 15th Field Artillery pin-on metal crest added to the PX Page.

January 2003 - Excerpts from an official 8-Inch Howitzer M110 ARTILLERY OPERATOR'S MANUAL added to the "BIG GUNS" page

December 2002 - PX web page added for ordering 15th insignia and hats.

December 2002 - 6th Battalion/15th Field Artillery history web page added.

November 2002 - 'Sapper Raiding Party' chart added to the Listen Up web page.

November 2002 - Web page added with excerpts from "Vietnam Studies, Field Artillery 1954-1973" by Major General David Ewing Ott.  Artillery safety and accident profiles, MACV Rules of Engagement, target acquisition, ARVN artillery, and basic ammunition load information.

October 2002 - Web page added concerning the 15th Artillery Battalion's role in 1960's chemical warfare testing on soldiers at the Gerstle River Test Site near Fort Greely, Alaska

September 2002 - Several articles about map reading added to the Map Room

August 2002 - Web page added in memory of NFL Pro Football lineman Bob Kalsu from the Buffalo Bills.  Bob perished in 1970 as a young artillery officer in South Vietnam

July 2002 - Two new stories added to Veterans Voices page

May 2002 - 15th Field Artillery Regiment reunion dates announced [more details]

March 2002 - "The 15th Field Artillery Battalion in World War Two"
Written by: Colonel Ed Hrdlicka
Toward the bottom of: worldwar2.html

February 2002 - Two news articles added about the Montagnards

February 2002 - New photos of Phu Cat / Eight Inch Hill

February 2002 - Three additional 15th reunion pages added

February 2002 - A second WW1 photo page added

January 2002 - Photo additions to the 15th WW2 page

January 2002 - New Fort Wainwright page

January 2002 - Two new stories added

January 2002 - Three additional Vietnam photo pages added

December 2001 - 15th veteran's stories page added

December 2001 - A second Agent Orange page added

November 2001 - A second draft lottery page added



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