Scroll of Honor

15th Field Artillery Regiment

This Scroll of Honor is dedicated to the memory of those men 
of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment who made the supreme 
sacrifice for freedom on the field of battle during WW II

Name                                       Death                          Place

1LT Rudolph A. Ardelean     10 Aug 1944                     Normandy

PVT Elmer Curley                   25 Mar 1945                   Germany

T5 Martin E. Davis                 10 Aug 1944                      Normandy

PVT James H. Dodd               7 Jun 1944                    Normandy

PFC Carl R. Enman              3 Aug 1944                      Normandy

1LT Leslie E. Evans             3 Aug 1944                      Normandy

PFC Harold F. Frost             7 Mar 1945                       Germany

T4 Cornelius W. Gammill      29 Jul 1944                   N. France

SGT Earl J. Holmes               28 Aug 1944                 N. France

T4 Edward E. Honea               29 Aug 1944                N. France

2LT Donald E. Johnson          11 Aug 44                    Normandy

T5 Arnold A. Krysch                16 Dec 1944                Germany

PFC Edward Kuba                   15 Apr 1945                Germany

PFC Arthur H. Lane               13 Aug 1944                 N. France

CPL Gordon U. Lawrence           25 Feb 1945            Germany

T5 Anthony W. Marlowe            28 Aug 1944             N. France

1LT Frank M. Marson                15 Jun 1944              Normandy

CPL Herschel E. McClung           29 Aug 44               N. France

PFC Sam Mineo                        31 Jul 1944               Normandy

PVT Walter J. Pijanowski            21 Oct 1944            Germany

T5 Norman A. Pittman                30 Aug 1944             N. France

1LT Harry J. Simon                     15 Jun 1944             Normandy

1LT Edwin T. Stanard                 3 Feb 1945               Germany

PVT Sidney J. Torressen             28 Aug 1944             N. France

T5 Marvin I. Vigran                      3 Feb 1945              Germany

SGT Walter S. Ward                    3 Feb 1945               Germany

CPL Wallace B. Watkins              26 Jan 1945              Germany

PVT B. D. Wiginton                    25 Mar 1945               Germany

T4 Harry G. Windham                 10 Aug 1944               Normandy

Note: There were 170 Purple Hearts (29 Posthumously) awarded to members of the 15th FA Battalion for wounds suffered between 7 June 1944 to 8 May 1945. Also, 6 Silver Star Medals (4 Posthumously), 91 Bronze Star Medals for Gallantry (4 Posthumously), and 83 Bronze Star Medals for Meritorious Service (1 Posthumously). Additionally, 6 Men were awarded a total of 25 Air Medals.

Reference: Weidlein, Robert B., Captain, "History of the 15th Field Artillery Battalion in the European Theater of Operations", 1945

Compiled by Dan Gillotti, 15th Historian





Scroll of Honor


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