15th Field Artillery Regiment


The 15th Field Artillery Battalion was at Fort Lewis, 
Washington, from 1945 until they deployed 
to Korea in 1950

Battery B, 15th FA Bn, Ft Lewis, WA, Christmas, 1946

SGT Joseph T. Garrett
C Battery, 15th FA Bn

Photo: Laura (Taubken) Phelps

Silver Star

Awarded the Silver Star Medal for Gallantry in action on 12 November 1950 
SGT Joseph T. Garrett, Battery C, 15th FA Bn, 2nd Infantry Division, displayed gallantry in action against an armed enemy on 12 November 1950 in the vicinity of Pugwon, Korea.  On that date he was a member of a Forward Observer Party attached to a Rifle Company which had been assigned the mission of driving the enemy from commanding ground overlooking the division Main Supply Route. The advance of the rifle elements was halted by intense hostile mortar, automatic weapons and small arms fire.  During the enemy barrage the wire communications and the Forward Observer’s radio were destroyed.  SGT Garrett, realizing the urgency of the situation, voluntarily left his place of cover, picked up a wounded infantryman and, disregarding the heavy enemy fire raking the entire area, carried him to safety of an aid station.  He then secured a radio and delivered it to the Forward Observer who was thereby enabled to direct and adjust artillery fire.  The artillery fire pinned down the enemy long enough to allow the rifle company to withdraw to more tenable positions.  The gallantry and high devotion to duty displayed by SGT Garrett on this occasion reflect great credit upon himself and are in keeping with the high traditions of the Military Service.  He entered the Military Service from Alabama.

SGT Thomas Taubken (upper right) and friends from C Btry, 15th FA Bn playing Tanker at Ft Lewis, WA, June 1950


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PVT Timothy E. Bradshaw Sr., A Btry, 15th FA Bn, Ft Lewis, WA, 1950
Photo: Tim Bradshaw


SGT Thomas D. Taubken, C Btry, 
15th FA Bn, Ft Lewis, WA, 1950
Photo: Laura (Taubken) Phelps


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C Btry, 15th FA Bn
Ft Lewis - June 1950
Photo: Laura (Taubken) Phelps


A Btry, 15th FA Bn
Ft. Lewis - June 1950
Photo: Oscar Cortez


A Btry, 15th FA Bn
Firing Range
Yakima, WA - 1950
Photo: Oscar Cortez