Fifteenth Field Artillery
Regimental Prayer

Contributed by: LTC Sam Johnson, 2/15th

Our father, we pray for the personal courage and strength of spirit to continue to serve our Regiment, our Army, and our Nation.  Help us remember and emulate the heritage of excellence established by those who came before us who formed, and fought with the Fifteenth Field Artillery Regiment.  May the cannons of the Fifteenth continue to represent selfless service, dedicated professionalism and passionate patriotism as we strive to fulfill our duty as part of our Nation’s Army.

We ask your Holy Spirit to provide us with the strength of character to persevere through the hardships of training, the crucible of battle, and the empathy of peace as we strive to accomplish our obligations.  Guide us through the dark tunnel of fear as we seek to establish our own heritage of courage and honor through our daily duties. Give us the wisdom to accept our responsibility to our fellow soldiers and to earn the right to shout “Let’s Go!” as we endeavor to fulfill our duty.

Oh God of our fathers, bless our efforts to live up to our motto “Allons” and protect us if we must answer the call to arms to defend our freedoms.  Teach us not to mourn those who have died in the service of the Regiment, but rather help us to gain strength from the contagion of their courage.  Teach us to stand together in Your Name so that we may remain strong, and vibrant.  Provide us with the will to create a courageous “Allons!” spirit that burns bright in the hearts of the Fifteenth Field Artillery Regiment for the future of our Army and our Nation.