Scroll of Honor

15th Field Artillery Regiment

This Scroll of Honor is dedicated to the memory of those men 
of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment who made the supreme 
sacrifice for freedom on the field of battle during WW1

See our Memorial to: Oliver Baty Cunningham

Grave Marker for CPT Oliver B. Cunnigham in 
the American Cemetery at St. Mihiel, France


Rank / Name Unit Death
SGT Lillard E. Ailor Btry D 4-8-1918
CPL Harold N. Bailey Btry A 10-18-1918
CPL Edward Besinger HQs 10-3-1918
CPL John L. Brindle Btry E 10-5-1918
PFC Charles Butler Btry B 4-26-1918
CPL Paul T. Butler Btry F 7-25-1918
PVT Dasper W. Caldwell Supply 10-31-1918
PVT Henry Cumminskey Btry E 6-23-1918
CPT Oliver B. Cunningham HQs 9-17-1918
PVT Harry G. Dossler Btry D 10-31-1918
PVT Perry B. Farmer Btry F 11-9-1918
CPL Harry T. Gale Btry A 6-22-1918
CPL Bejamin H. Giles Btry E 10-5-1918
PVT Henry Helms HQs 11-9-1918
PVT Charles E. Higley Btry B 11-4-1918
PFC Leroy Hill Btry A 6-7-1918
CPL Floyd Ibbotson Btry D 6-13-1918
PVT Gerald J. Johnson Btry E 10-15-1918
PFC Blaz Kapich Btry D 6-28-1918
PVT Arthur Kennedy Btry E 6-23-1918
PVT Carl L. Kirchdorfer Btry F 10-4-1918
PVT Noble J. Lax Btry F 10-6-1918
PFC Alva C. Lewin Btry B 10-4-1918
PFC Harry L. McBride HQs 7-21-1918
PFC Roy McClane Btry F 6-25-1918
PVT Leonard March Btry A 10-7-1918
PVT Earl W. Mountain Btry E 5-3-1918
PVT David A. Paul Btry E 6-8-1918
PVT Joseph Pecheca Btry D 6-13-1918
CPL Harry Peters Btry B 6-24-1918
CPL Edward D. Prichard Btry A 6-19-1918
PVT Edward W. Pryor Btry B 11-3-1918
PVT Reuben W. Radmall Btry D 10-6-1918
PVT Leonhard W Ripton Btry F 4-7-1918
PFC Roland P. Roeder Btry E 10-13-1918
PFC Roy Martin Btry C 10-4-1918
PVT Eugene C. Royee Btry D 10-7-1918
PFC William H. Setser Btry F 10-15-1918
CPL Bonnie M. Sloan Btry D 6-24-1918
PVT Harry St. Clair Btry D 6-24-1918
PVT Isaac W. Stephens Btry E 10-3-1918
Bugler Hardin E. Stone Btry F 7-19-1918
PFC Samuel Weinberg HQs 11-1-1918

Compiled by Dan Gillotti, 15th Historian


In memory of
Oliver Baty Cunningham

Pictured above is Captain (then 1LT) Oliver Baty Cunningham, the only officer of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment to be Killed In Action during WW-I.  Captain Cunningham was serving as a Forward Observer near the Town of Jaulny, France, and was exposed to heavy enemy Artillery Fire when he was struck and killed on 17 September 1918 (his 24th Birthday).

For his brave actions in combat he was awarded both the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and the Silver Star Medal (Posthumously).  He was buried with military honors at a lonely crossroads near the scene of his death. Later his body was taken to the American National Cemetery on the edge of the Town of Thiaucourt.  In the parish church at Thiaucourt a special set of chimes (bells) were dedicated in his memory on May 30th 1920, American Memorial Day.

   Translation by: 
Christopher Mahoney

"The bells of this church are dedicated to the glory of God in remembering Captain Oliver Baty Cunningham. 
15 Artillery, 2nd Division of the American Expeditionary Force who gave his life for his country and for France. 
Captain Cunningham was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 17, 1894 and was killed on the battlefield near Jaulny, France on September 17, 1918."

Church in Thiacourt France 



"In Memory of Rupert Brooke"
by Joyce Kilmer

In alien earth, across a troubled sea,
His body lies that was so fair and young.
His mouth is stopped, with half his songs unsung;
His arm is still, that struck to make men free.

But let no cloud of lamentation be
Where, on a warrior's grave, a lyre is hung.
We keep the echoes of his golden tongue,
We keep the vision of his chivalry.

SGT Alfred Joyce Kilmer, who is best known for
his poem "TREES", was killed by a sniper in France
during World War One at the age of 31

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