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Welcome to the most comprehensive web site on the internet concerning artillery and the Vietnam War.  You'll find over 3,000 images on more than 130 web pages. 

It's taken years of hard work and donations from scores of veterans to make this large web site possible.  Your historical submissions and financial contributions are appreciated by the thousands who visit here weekly. 

To make your surfing easier use the left navigation bar or site map. Work on the 15th web site continues, so check back often to check the announcements or see what's new

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Purpose of this web site

While this website's intent is to recognize and record the great sacrifices made by thousands of men for the cause of Freedom, it is not intended to glorify war. 

15th Cadre

Reunion 1992 host Bob Donnan is the Founder of the 7/15th Field Artillery reunion organization and the original Editor of the Highlander newsletter. 

Dan Gillotti, 15th FA Historian, leads the effort in recording the history of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment. Due to Dan's dedicated efforts, we've obtained important artifacts from each era and war, as well as establishing contact with our two active 15th FA Battalions. Dan also volunteers as the Historian for the 30th FA Regiment. 

Dave Holdorf became 15th Group Leader and Editor of the Highlander newsletter in 1995.  'Davo' excels at locating 15th veterans, communicating with veteran's groups and families, and organizing 15th activities. Under Davo's dedicated leadership, our 15th roster has grown from 50 to 600 members! 

Reunion 2001 host Luis Cantu became Editor of the 'Highlander' newsletter in 2003, following two years of innovative Editorial work by author/artist Gary Harrington. 

Mike Donley became the organization's Treasurer and Quartermaster in 2001. Mike has established the 15th PX as an excellent fundraising tool for the 15th organization with several new products and ideas. 

Frank Baker assumed the duties of 15th webmaster during June 2004, following 7 years of website construction by Bob Donnan. You can visit Frank's Vietnam photo gallery here.

No salaries are paid to any of the men listed above... 
it's an "all volunteer" effort.  Allons! 

                                    Reunion 2003
  FORT Bragg 
North Carolina

Dave Holdorf, Dan Gillotti and Gary Harrington

Left to right:
Davo Holdorf - 15th Group Leader
Dan Gilloti - Past Battalion Historian
Gary D. Harrington - Author/Artist


Luis Cantu
Luis Cantu - Newsletter editor
Reunion 2001 Host    

Mike Donley
Mike Donley - 15th Treasurer
Charlie Battery Forever!


Frank Baker
15th Webmaster



Help record the history of the 15th!

As we continue to hear from families and men who served with the 15th Field Artillery, we hope to present a more detailed history of all 15th eras. 

Your personal role in locating, documenting, and helping us preserve this history is of major importance.  If you have any documents, photographs, old orders, or any other items of interest, please contact the 15th webmaster to make arrangements for adding these items to this web site.  We will give you a "credit" with your name appearing next to the item you submitted. 

Keep the 15th website alive and "Banner free!"

Don't you hate those annoying website advertisements that keep popping-up and slowing-down your surfing? Your donations will help keep this website in operation and banner free! 

Your donation or membership will also support THE HIGHLANDER newsletter, fund phone searches for more 15th veterans and pay miscellaneous office expenses. 

 Make your check out to: 
7th BN, 15th ARTY ORG

 Mail it to: 
Mike Donley, Treasurer
4207 W. Reichert Place
Milwaukee, WI  53209

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