People in Vietnam

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People around 'the Nam'

15th Group Leader "Davo" Holdorf
next to an M-88


Pleiku Lambretta taxi

Vietnamese cabbies

Lambretta taxi
driver - 1971
Photo: 15th webmaster


Vietnamese cabbies
waiting for a fare
Photo: 15th webmaster


Montagnards walking

One man's junk is another man's treasure

Montagnards walking
along the road near
Pleiku in 1971
Photo: 15th webmaster


Willy and some local
"Cowboys" at the trash
dump near Artillery Hill
Photo: 15th webmaster


usogirls.jpg (47148 bytes)

42ndarvn.jpg (24961 bytes)

USO show girls
on Artillery Hill
Photo: 15th webmaster


42nd ARVN
Photo: Dan Fisher


Dave Holdorf along QL 19 leaving the Oasis in November 1968

C/7/15 Captain, ROK commander and USO 'donut dollies'

Davo leaving the
Oasis along QL19
November 15, 1968


C/7/15 Captain with
ROK commander and
USO "donut dollies"
Photo: Dave Holdorf



Battery Commander - CPT Mike Mountain - 1971
7th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery


Humpin' Joes

Bunker party

Humpin 8" Joes
Weight: 200 lbs.
C/7/15 - 1971


Pyramid Power!
Provided by:
John Jones, collector


Crew from BIG AMMO of C/7/15

Power to the People!

C/7/15 - 1967
Photo: Mike Donley


"Canned Heat" 175
Hustlin Hill Billies
C/7/15 Arty - 1971


All the luxuries of home, just less privacy!

Gary Harrington on an M109

All the luxuries of home,
just less privacy!  Photo
of Pete Peterson showering
by Gary Harrington - 1969


Gary Harrington atop
an M109 headed into
Credit: Gary Harrington


Enjoying some R&R from the Vietnam War in the South China Sea

LT Kalsu at Firebase Arsenal

R&R in the South China
Sea, Cam Ranh Bay - 1971
Photo: John McCarthy, Jr.


LT Kalsu (right)
at Firebase Arsenal
with the 11th Artillery
Photo: Roger Dent


Raquel Welch entertaining the troops in Vietnam

Raquel Welch with the Bob Hope USO show in Vietnam during Christmas of 1967

Hello to the troops!

25 December 1967 USO Christmas show
at Phu Cat AF Base with Raquel Welch,
Bob Hope and friends
Photos: Hans Dollhausen


USO show

Suzanne Pleshette with USO show including
Les Brown & his Band of Renown - 1967
Photo: Dave Holdorf


KittyKontm.jpg (20849 bytes)

Inside the BCC van of the 6th Battalion, 56th Artillery HAWK

Kittycat being held
by Danny Spooner
Kontum - 1970
Photo: Dennis Proulx


SGT Ronald Coffey
in the BCC (Battery
Control Center) van of
the 56th Artillery HAWK
Photo: Eddie Donato


Shaving with a field kit


All the luxuries of home
FSB Aries - early '71
B Btry, 1/21st Arty
Photo: Frenchy Proulx


Dennis 'Frenchy' Proulx
during the Vietnam War.
Den has been a major photo
contributor to the 15th website.


Decorated air crew

Phu Cat base camp personnel

1LT Schlottman, Forward Observer SP5 Wright, 
Crew Chief / Gunner
Both awarded DSCs
A Trp 1/9th Cav - 1966
Photo: John R. Nielsen


7/15th Base Camp
in 1967 at Phu Cat
Roy Bowen (left)
Tom Martinez (right)



Photo: Charles Reeves


LZ-UPLIFT 1968 D. Johnson (left) C. Reeves (hand in pocket) & Sgt: Little (Right) I
forgot he other guys name.
Photo: Charles Reeves

LZ-UPLIFT 1968 after a fire mission.
Photo: Charles Reeves


Gun crew #4, Battery B, 1st Battalion, 92d Artillery, 1967-68

1-92-B-4b.jpg (20161 bytes)

1968 - LZ Mile High
B Btry, 1/92 Arty, gun 4
Only time we had a full 
gun crew.
Photo: Glenn 'Goofey' Morrison 


1967 - at Hambone, the
"core" of gun 4.  Santo,
Snake, Connelly, Rufus,
and Goofey.
Photo: Glenn 'Goofey' Morrison


Group of men from the Fighting Fifteenth in 1969

Men from the "Fighting Fifteenth" - 8 June '69
Front row L to R: Tom Beard S-3, Red Reddick A-CO, Hank Simpson BN-CO, Hans Langhammer Svc-CO-designated, Tom Corsentino Adj.
Back row L to R: John Caldwell Asst. Adj., Duane Geisen B- CO, Al Ramsey HQ-CO, Greg Crawford A-CO-desig, Spook Fisher S-2, Jack O'Rielly Svc-CO, John Dodson XO
Absent: Jim Shields C-CO, Lonnie English C/2/17th CO
Photo: LTC Henry E. Simpson
7/15th Battalion Commander, 9/68-69


Jimmy Stewart taking a tour with the troops

Mamasan transporting water buckets

Jimmy Stewart and his
wife taking a tour with
the troops
Photo: LTC Simpson


Mamasan transporting
water buckets
Photo: LTC Simpson


Montagnard Village

Vietnamese orphanage sponsored by men of the 7th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery

Montagnard village
Photo: LTC Simpson


Orphanage sponsored
by men of the 7/15th
Photo: LTC Simpson


Vietnamese planting rice in a Vietnam rice paddy near Phu Cat

'Deuce of Spades' howitzer

Vietnamese planting
a rice paddy
Photo: LTC Simpson


Mike Long & Bob Webster
Deuce of Spades - JJ Carroll
Photo: Bob Webster


"Smasher Forward" of the 6/14th Artillery

Chopper jocks doing some hair styling between missions

June 1970 - 1st Field Forces
6/14th Artillery
"Smasher Forward"
Photo: Rex Weaver


Getting a haircut
between missions
Co B, 229th Avn Bn
Photo: Jim Bracewell


2LT Jim Bracewell


2LT Jim Bracewell
preparing for lift-off
Co B, 229th Avn Bn
Photo: Jim Bracewell


Grunts in III Corps
Photo: John "E.o.D." Hubbs
229th Avn Bn 1971-72


Montagnards at Plei Me

Montagnards at Plei Me, South Vietnam

Montagnards at
Plei Me in 1966
Photo: Rex Weaver


Montagnards at
Plei Me in 1966
Photo: Rex Weaver


Chu Lon

Chu Lai mamasan

Chu Lon - 1965
Photo: Rex Weaver


Chu Lai mamasan
Photo: Robert Flynn


Vietnamese kids in 1968

Robert Plumtree

Kids in 1968
Photo: Robert Flynn


Land Rover
HQ NZ V Force
Photo: Robert Plumtree


Waterskiing in Vietnam!

Dollhausen & company

Ron waterskiing
Photo: Robert Plumtree
HQ NZ V Force 1967-68


(L-R) CPT Dollhausen; MAJ Sterling; (Back) CPT Narvaez; CPT ? (Asst S-3); Front LTC Blum, LZ Uplift November 1967


'Donut Dollies'


'Donut Dollies' at
FSB Veghel 
Photo: Don Aird


Guitar music at
FSB Veghel
Photo: Don Aird


Shaving cream battle Shaving cream battle

GillottiLN.jpg (51360 bytes)

Captain Sloan (left) in
a shaving cream battle
Photo: Don Aird


Dan Gillotti on Lack of Nookie St. Taken at 7th Bn, 15th FA Base Camp, Phu Cat, 2 July 67
Photo: Dan Gillotti



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